A Universe Full of Magical Things


This book is an invitation to examine our universe from the standpoint of quantum theory and what it actually tells us about reality. It shows how materialistic science embraces a point of view that cannot be true, leaving us–as does religion–with a mythic version of reality. Quantum theory says there is no matter, only a world full of fields with point-like “fundamental” particles– excitations– like nanotornados. If this is so, all that we perceive is an illusion. What looks and feel like hard matter does not exist as such. We engage with a virtual game or movie or, perhaps, a holodeck fantasy as if it was real, but in the end we know it’s not. So too with our physical experience–the only thing different is that we haven’t let ourselves see or accept that our perceptions are only representations of reality. What we experience is a reality, but not the reality. Yet our illusory reality, our story, our universe, is alive and intelligent: it is conscious throughout. It is not matter that is primary, but consciousness. The totality of existence, according to both science and spirituality, is one interconnected whole–emerging, making choices, evolving deliberately as “an intelligent dance between organism and environment.” Throughout the book a substantial number of scientists, theists, philosophers, researchers, and elders of all kinds document this richer, holistic, and comprehensive paradigm, illustrating how the standard model of science, based in false assumptions as it is, cannot answer the essential questions of both science and spirituality that humans have been asking throughout history. The aliveness and intelligence of flora and fauna, the conscious emergence which suffuses evolution, and the self-reflective awareness of humanity that allows us to participate with the universe in co-creating what is to come, are each described and documented here. Each is a feature of this “Consciousness Paradigm,” entirely contrasting with the mechanical, inert, deterministic perspective contended by materialistic science.If we partake in a living, mindful, and interconnected universe, not one wherein the richness of our experience somehow arose out of dead matter, what can that possibly mean for us? Apparently, if we as humans are partners in shaping, in choosing, and in creating what will be as we move forward, we have a job to do. We can be passive and merely go along for the ride–like a self-absorbed pinball bouncing noisily and erratically–or we can be agents of creating something more and positive. We can intend to seek and act in ways that align with what is good and true and beautiful. We can advocate for a future that enriches humanity and our world, and we can align with evolutionary goals of survival and thrival. We can become citizens engaged in “evolutionary spirituality,” wherein what is good for a part is good for the whole. Thus, quantum theory leads us to a point of view that can carry us forward with curiosity, celebration, and creativity. We are citizens of this human story. We can reflect and choose and create, and we participate in what will become next. That is our reality, virtual though it is, representing something unknown and more. The remaining question is: what sort of citizens do we choose to be?

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