The Big Dance


In this fiction book for your adults, Dance instructor Mrs. Lands has taught lessons about how to win a dance contest since Alex and Jennifer were young. As seniors they have decided to enter a dance contest and test their skills beyond just dancing in high school at the local dances. Will Alex’s cold feet change their relationship and squash their changes before the dance contest even starts? Will the duo survive the pressure of dancing in school and apply the lessons Mrs. Lands has taught them about how to win a dance contest? At times Jennifer is not so sure it is worth it. Will it all come crashing down at the end? Or will they win the dance contest only to lose each other? Not many fiction books about dance have an unexpected twist that can leave readers on the edge of their seats. In this fiction book for young adults’ author Shirlie Calabrese takes readers on an adventure that shows it takes more than just skills to win a dance contest. It is one of those young adult fiction books about dance and coming that will keep readers engaged as teenagers, Jennifer, and Alex, overcome their fears, and rise to the occasion before them. If you have ever thought about dancing in high school or participating in a dance contest you might just find your rhythm in what might be one of the best young adult fiction books about dance.

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